Feeling Pancakey….


A beautiful & bright spring Saturday mornings are my favourite times to be in the house and cook some of my favourite things. I realised I hadn’t had pancakes, in what feels like an age (I mean I didn’t even have pancakes on pancake day 🙁

So today I decided – I was going to treat myself before the Saturday to-do-list kicked in, and the peace in the house was lifted and share my food joy with you!

Happy Eating!


Love EML xx


Smash a ripe banana until smooth and mix with one egg. Add some mixed spice, a drizzle of honey & tsp of golden linseed. Add a couple of sprinkles of porridge oats and set to the side.


Here I purposely used a small pan (which is usually used for cooking the perfect fried egg).

Fry until golden brown and layer and serve. I topped mine with Organic Greek Style Yogurt, fresh raspberries and another drizzle of honey!

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