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There is always a fear when pouring out your heart on pages, more so when you pour it out before millions. The fear of judgement, will people like it, will they empathise, will it help, I pray it’s a word in season etc. When N.O.W was birthed in my spirit, I truly knew that it was not about me. God has placed a yearning in my heart for other young ladies to understand their value and purpose comes from Christ & Christ alone.

Now where do I start? I’ve always wondered what do you write in ‘meet the author’ sections of websites, but I pray it’s through the writing that you truly get an understanding of who I am and most importantly whose I am.

I am woman who is after the Heart of The One and I will place all on here, in all transparency I pray, the journey of my life. It hasn’t always been easy – I’ve suffered the biggest heartbreak of my life, immense pain within my family & the struggle of fighting with myself in regards to self-acceptance. However, thanks to Jesus I am now whole. Don’t get me wrong sis, there’s still a long way to go 😉

I’m also a young professional; I enjoy life, love & laughter & I see life through a different set of eyes. I see beauty instead of ugliness, joy instead of sadness, happiness instead of pain and I pray that for you too. I am daughter, a sister, a friend, a confidant…most importantly I’m a daughter of the Most High.

Now life hasn’t always been this great I must confess…I’ve looked for love in all the wrong places, compromised myself as a woman, been spoken down to, was told I’d never be anything by people who didn’t understand their own worth & value and thought the love of a man was all I ever needed. How disappointed I was as I chased after the things of this world.

Ladies, if you take one thing from following this blog, I pray you take away how precious, beautiful and unique you are in the sight of your creator. Everything God created was good, He created you therefore you are GOOD. Strip away the clothes, the designer bags, the corporate jobs, the boyfriends, husbands or whatever else it is we place our worth, value & void fillers in, and understand that you are whole in Christ.

May you always know that you truly are No Ordinary Woman.

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