Painting Rooms…

Decorating Tools...I wonder what God uses?
Decorating Tools…I wonder what God uses?

Mum: Elisha, what colour would you like your room?

Me: To be honest Mum I think my room the way it is looks just fine, so I’m okay keeping it the way it is.

Mum: Tough, I’m painting it anyway, on this particular day, and I need your colour selection by end of the week!!

That’s pretty much a high level view of the dialogue between my Mother and I a few weeks ago when she decided to blitz the house, move things around and com

pletely spruce the place up. Now in my view, the house was perfect the way it was; everyone who came loved my home. My friends love coming to my house ‘just because’ so in my opinion why change or fix what isn’t broken? But unknown to me, behind this change was a huge lesson for me and a preparation for my Mum for the new season in her life.

Last week my Mum took the paint brushes to my room and completely re-vamped it, with my selection of paints, reluctantly picked might I add. I liked the room, but kept protesting that ‘It wasn’t my idea’. So if it wasn’t my idea, why should I appreciate it? It was a change that I had NOT deemed necessary in my life, a change that I thought was completely pointless and a change that DID NOT HAVE MY APPROVAL.

Now it gets worse before it gets better; I was asked to clear my room of all the ‘stuff’ and to remove it from my room before Mum painted. My flesh screamed when Mum asked this request; ‘I’m sorry, so you’re going to interrupt MY PLANS of spending time with my friend, to move everything out of my room, even though YOU said that you would not be painting until the weekend (it was a Thursday night by the way). So I did what I do best, SHUT UP and do as I’m told. You may ask ‘Elisha, why didn’t you fight for your rights?’ ‘You have a voice, why didn’t you ‘put your point across’?’ Quite simply, my Mother is my Mum and I am told by The Lord to honour her and not only that, you must learn to choose your battles! It’s not worth going a week in torment in my house to ‘make a point’. So I cleared the room out, complained whilst I was doing it, and went to bed late that night.

Now I had assumed that my room would not be painted when I got home the next day, and convinced at that point that my Mum was trying to control and destroy my life (sounds dramatic but true) I was astonished when she phoned and said she had nearly finished painting my room. I was shocked, still slightly resentful, but thankful all-the same (well that’s what I thought).

After a long day and week at work, I was upset to arrive home and see that my room had not been finished and that I would have to move EVERYTHING back in that I had so begrudgingly removed the night before. Now you can imagine I was not impressed. So I went in, face fixed (bearing in mind I had been ‘under attack’ from the enemy all week – that’s not a lie by the way, but that’s for another blog) and made it known that I was not pleased but would obey as I wanted to sleep in my room. The room looked lovely, with the colours I chose, BUT I still could not see the beauty because I was annoyed that I had not given a ‘yes’ to this change in my life – in my room. I moved everything in, all the old papers, all the old furniture as I just wanted to get back into my bedroom, not bothered about what rubbish I was taking back in there.

Now that was a week ago, and a lot has happened since. I’ve had some spiritual attacks, but to God be the Glory for He’s revealed in order to redeem. But today as I spoke with my friend via an email at work, The Lord revealed to me the PURPOSE of painting the room. It was much bigger than simply changing the room; it was to teach me a bigger lesson!

We do that sometimes with our new seasons. He makes everything beautiful in its time and we take old into the new even though He’s given us a new or new season to walk into. I wasn’t happy with the change as I felt overlooked as Mum had not spoken with me and completely ignored my request to leave my room the way it was, and just went ahead anyway. The Spirit ministered that that’s what we do with Him. He begins a series of change in our life for our greater good BUT because it’s not our idea or He’s not ‘consulted’ us, we become ungrateful instead of seeing the beauty of the newness and embracing it, but we MUST remember that He who has started a good work in us is faithful to complete it to the coming of Jesus Christ (no matter the cost) – emphasis mine.

Not only that, a lot of ‘things’ have happened to me this year that were not in my plan, that I didn’t ask for, things that weren’t my idea, far from what I had imagined or could see and I became ungrateful at the outcome instead of seeing the beauty in the outcome. The Lords word is true in Isaiah 55:8-9

‘His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts; for as high as the heavens are His ways above our ways and His thoughts above our thoughts’.

So today I make a choice, I will go home and clear out the old that I took into the new room with me and ENJOY it; especially since it was a gift from my Mum, something that I didn’t ask for, but something I can and will embrace and enjoy. I also make a choice to thank God for the outcomes, thank God for my life and continue to ask Him to open my eyes to His fingerprints on my life. I open up my heart to receive what God has for me, whether it comes packaged the way I thought or not, the heart behind the blessing is always for my good, for Love always believes the best of people.

And publically, I thank you Mum for my room, I repent of not receiving it with an open heart, but I promise I will look after and enjoy it to the best of my ability just the way it is 😉

Me and Mumsie :)
Me and Mumsie 🙂

Lord, I let go of the comfort of the old; shake me up if you must in order to do in my life what you want. Unexpectedly interrupt my plans, knowing that your heart towards me is for good and not for evil. That in all things, you will work together for my good. I thank you for removing everything in my life (and room) that isn’t off you, changing the colours of those hidden rooms in my heart in order to look like you; painting the canvas in my life to reveal your perfect plan. I lift up my heart and life again to you, thanking you for making me uncomfortable, removing what isn’t necessary in my life and preparing me for my greater destiny in you. I love you Daddy; and I open my heart and life to receive all that you have for me with an open heart. I am grateful for what you’ve removed and what you will bring; whether it fits my plan, my standard or what I had in mind for in the long-run it will be for my good and your glory.

In Jesus Mighty & precious name I pray. Amen. 

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