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Can you believe it’s already February? How time has flown…I know I referenced to it in my previous post but I seriously am always bowled over at how fast time does fly.

So I’m currently sitting here watching Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, after a helping of the Barefoot Contessa – Food Network is my guilty pleasure. Sssshhh…don’t say anything? lol I have my TV on this station most of the day when I’m off work. I’m so inspired by people like Ina Garten & Julia Child’s and many others. Apart from Julia Child’s professional training, I love how the rest of the kitchen geniuses that I follow & research, were not culinary trained, just women with a passion for cooking, but that’s for another post 😉

So, I Just thought I’d share with you some of the recipes that I’ve been making at home throughout the month of January and I’ve also a cookbook of the month! Life does not get much better for me when new cookbooks come in the post; my life just seems to make sense! haha!

Pancake ‘Burger’ Stack

Pancakes do not get much better than this!
Pancakes do not get much better than this!

Would you believe that these pancakes are flourless? Yes, you read right..flourless and full of fibre. 

To make these I simply used porridge oats, a very ripe crushed banana, 2 eggs, cinnamon & nutmeg. I then combined the dry & wet ingredients, divided the batter and fried. (To make the ‘burger’ pancake, I just added a teaspoon of 100% cocoa powder and fried with coconut oil as normal)

To create the layered look, just quickly mix up some crème fraiche with vanilla extract. Layer it up with some fruit in between & dig in!!

Quick Lunch Ideas: Cous Cous

Ever been stuck on what to cook for lunch?! It’s a constant issue for me! Thank God that I know have begun to do meal plans.

On my #workfromhomeFridays I tend to raid the cupboards & see what I can put together. I literally had 15 minutes between my conference calls & my tummy was TOTALLY rumbling like crazy so I quickly put the below together.

Whilst frying up the tomatoes, spinach & garlic, the couscous can be steaming in a kitchen jug! Literally, 10 minutes & your done 😉

Quickest lunch EVER!!
Quickest lunch EVER!!

Sweet Tooth Tamers

Refined Sugar Free Brownies...these things left me speechless...


These things left me speechless…literally.

I had no words & Davina McCall is an absolute genius! I followed her recipe & will continue to make the brownies this way, forever & ever. Amen!


Very Veggie Brekkie

IMG_6526This morning’s brunch was my ‘Very Veggie Brekkie’.

I can’t eat meat in them morning, it literally makes me feel ill, so vegetarian breakfasts are my saving grace!

Vegetarian Sausages & a tomato, cheese & spinach omelette! Yum indeed!



Cookbook of the month

I purchased these two books recently, and not only are they cookbooks, but they also provide a lot of scientific information & explanation on the benefits on quitting sugar, and better ways to cook your classic sugar-laden recipes.

My new reads ;)
My new reads 😉

P.S. Sorry that I don’t provide measurements, I very rarely measure when cooking food. Something I must begin to do!

Hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to share below, I love to hear your ideas!


Love EML xx

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