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Painting Rooms…

Decorating Tools...I wonder what God uses?

Decorating Tools…I wonder what God uses?

Mum: Elisha, what colour would you like your room?

Me: To be honest Mum I think my room the way it is looks just fine, so I’m okay keeping it the way it is.

Mum: Tough, I’m painting it anyway, on this particular day, and I need your colour selection by end of the week!!

That’s pretty much a high level view of the dialogue between my Mother and I a few weeks ago when she decided to blitz the house, move things around and com

pletely spruce the place up. Now in my view, the house was perfect the way it was; everyone who came loved my home. My friends love coming to my house ‘just because’ so in my opinion why change or fix what isn’t broken? But unknown to me, behind this change was a huge lesson for me and a preparation for my Mum for the new season in her life.

Last week my Mum took the paint brushes to my room and completely re-vamped it, with my selection of paints, reluctantly picked might I add. I liked the room, but kept protesting that ‘It wasn’t my idea’. So if it wasn’t my idea, why should I appreciate it? It was a change that I had NOT deemed necessary in my life, a change that I thought was completely pointless and a change that DID NOT HAVE MY APPROVAL.

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