The Things We Miss…

The Road Ahead...
The Road Ahead…

What do you miss?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the things YOU miss? Do you miss your old school friends now you’ve moved into a new college or your college friends now you’re at university) or even the easy life that you used to have? Now you’re in a full-time career wishing that you could go back to the good old uni days when life was cool? Well, I wish it was those sorts of ‘things’ that we miss that I was talking about…but it’s deeper than that.

We CAN miss ‘things’ with God and by that I mean the things that He has for US (you). In 1 Corinthians 2:9 He tells us that

‘No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, the THINGS that God has for those that love Him’.

So that tells me that the things that God has for us are tangible; meaning we will be able to see them with our natural eyes & physically touch them – they shall be ours, however they’ve not entered into our hearts because our limited thinking cannot comprehend what He wants to do with us, through us and to us. So if they’ve not entered into our hearts, how may we receive them? The answer is simple, simply by seeking His heart – where His desires become our desires.

From the very foundations of the earth, He gave us free will & decisions. In Deuteronomy 30:19 our Lord tells us

‘…I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life so that you and your children may live’.

It’s clearly a CHOICE. It’s either or, white or black; no grey, no blurring, no in-between. It’s pretty simple, choose life (choose God) and you and your children may live. Choose death (the enemy) and you’ll reap curses, death and decay.

The enemy comes to steal, kill & destroy…that doesn’t just mean that He comes to destroy your family, your relationships, nor your finances but He comes to steal your vision and set distractions in your path. I don’t even think He’s interested in those things I listed above so much, but I do believe that the bible is so clear about the vision because without vision there is no purpose. If you’ve no vision for your relationships, you’ll never know when the enemy is coming in to steal and cause division; if you’ve no vision for your finances, you’ll never question why your resources are being sucked dry; no vision for your family, so when strife rears its ugly head you’ll not know that God’s word says that a house divided against itself cannot prosper – the root of ALL these things is vision! The bible clearly says in Proverbs 29:18 that ‘without a vision my people perish’. I’ve seen first-hand the ‘things’ that people will and have missed out on as they pursue after the things of this world, give into the enemies schemes due to their lack of discernment, no-relationship with God & masks whilst they fool themselves into thinking that ‘life is good’.  Now these will be the same people, who will later question God as to why things haven’t worked out – how do you expect something to work out when God wasn’t at the centre?

Now the enemy, oh don’t think that he won’t try and distract you with counterfeits in your temporary surroundings, fake relationships & make you believe that this is all you need; he does that because he knows it feels good. Remember he got kicked out of heaven; I also believe because he didn’t get God’s vision, had he got it, he wouldn’t have let pride arise! But hey, that’s his business and we all know where that story ends!

Now the Lord knows the plans He has for us, to plans for good and not for evil, to give us a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11) and we cannot get those plans in our lives without Him being at the centre of it. I do not wish to go another day and see people have the things that God has stored up for them taken away because they choose to walk away. I cannot stand to see another sister or brother in Christ lose out on Plan A and settle for plan B or C because they couldn’t see it, because they had no vision, because they do not know the one who gave the vision to them. It’s something that is going on in the body of Christ every day and it makes my heart sad.

The life that Christ died to give us is one of a high moral standard – don’t get me wrong, we live in a fallen world and we are far from perfect, only Christ is, BUT we also have the ability to do this through the Holy Spirit. I, just as any other believer, want to live a comfortable and blessed life – I do want the best of everything, who doesn’t? But I want it Christ’s way, with His hand upon it for what He ordains He will sustain.

I truly and honestly do pray that as a body of believers and general men and women that we truly wake up and understand that this is something that happens on a daily basis – our visions are being stolen; our lives, children’s lives & future generations lives are at stake if we do not take this seriously. Protect your vision, protect that ‘baby’ and push towards it. No matter how hard it may seem, you can do all things through Christ; walk by faith and not by sight and birth that thing! You owe it to yourself, your future family (whether established or not) and your children’s, children’s, children. Please do not let what God died to give you go to waste.

If my heart is sad, then God’s heart must weep!

God Loves you beyond anything you could EVER imagine and He longs to bring to pass everything He has for you life – don’t waste another day…hand it over to Him and watch Him work all things together for your good.

Love you!

EML xx


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