When…why…WHEN (again)…and how?

>If your anything like me and are currently going through a dry season, you’ll find that your asking God a lot of questions lately! Remembering all the promises that have been revealed publicly via prophecy or silently in your own personal devotional time that you share with Him!

It’s even harder when you begin to realise that God is an eternal God and has no time limits as it says in the Marvin Sapp song You Are God Alone ‘To you 40 years is but one hour…’ Before I entered into this dry season I can honestly say I would sing that song with all the ‘gumpshon’ in me, however as I’m in this process of going through it sends my flesh into a FIT as I realise that it could take 40+ years for my promises to come to pass…

Whilst focusing on these promises and God’s timing (without intentionally) rushing God and asking him to speed up the process, it’s here where we miss not only the blessings in the current seasons of our lives whilst we wait for the next, but we also miss the lessons to be learned!

Through each season of life there are lessons…YES, whether we like it or not we always have to WAIT until the next season comes…in some seasons it will be dry-wet season, a rainy season or EVEN WORSE a desert dry season where there’s no change and you see no manifestation of any promises! Sometimes, the test isn’t always about the waiting but it’s about HOW you wait that moves you to your next level!

Well, all I can is ‘fear not’. Do you know that in the bible we are told over 35 times to fear not! Why, because:

1) God did not give us a spirit of fear but of peace, love and a sound mind!
2) Everything has been made beautiful for its time
3) Fear will make you run, give up, feelings of frustration arise and along comes its little friends depression, despondency, anger oh yes and emotional turmoil!

These are NOT from God…I repeat these are NOT from God, but literally lies from the PIT of HELL! In His Word, the Lord promises that He will NEVER leave us NOR forsake us! You know what that means…if you TRUST Him to be the provider of all your needs….GUESS WHAT…He will provide all your needs according to HIS riches and GLORY!

As I write this, I’m going through things that once the process is over, I will endeavour to share with you!

All I want to say is, pour out to God your heart, with all your questions, but instead of rushing to find the answers…Be still (for long enough to hear from Him) and know that He is God!

He’s got your back,

Love EML xx

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