Who determines your worth?

Who teaches you how to love and be loved? The world of today, the music of today? The magazine articles of today?

Who determines your value and worth? Who do you live for? Do you go through each day seeking and value and worth from others? From our husbands, partner, parents, even children? Look to the Truth, look up and understand that you are what GOD says you are! In Proverbs 31 it says we are ‘as priceless as rubies’. In one simple sentence it states just how valuable we are as women! It means we are priceless, we are worth a lot more than who we think we’re worth! Every woman, whether you’re a woman of the world or a Woman of God, never forget that!

Now I’ve been there; compromised my morals, gave all I had and got nothing back. Gave up my life for a Man who didn’t understand that I was made from man’s rib, under his heart to be loved…not to be trampled on, but to be protected! I got my self-esteem from his praise, from his reactions to the things I did, but never once did I look to what God says about me! I always thought that his opinion mattered, I went to bed happy if he was happy with what I had done for HIM. Now do you see where that puzzle is wrong and doesn’t fit? It was because I did not know my worth as a woman, I didn’t know that I was fearfully and wonderfully  made, even more importantly I didn’t know that I was made in His image! I did not know what God, my Father, said about me! I did not know what God said about Love; how to love and how to be loved (1 Corinthians 13)

Its important as women that we see our value first and foremost, from the Word of God. We are special as women! Everything about you is wonderfully and perfectly made! We are a reflection of God’s love for man for he said to Adam in the book of Genesis ‘it is not good for man to be alone’. We are the female reflection of what a Man cannot express. That’s why you must guard your heart and be careful to whom you give it too.

We’re emotional creatures, we feel everything so deeply but outwardly. Do you know why? Again for we are the female extension of what a man cannot express! You have not been made by God to be abused, emotionally & physically; you’ve not been made by your Father, our King, to be ignored, laughed at, shunned and feel your worth is only in the physical pleasures you can bring! You have been made by God to fulfill and purpose and destiny which he has specifically designed for you. We’re special; we birth children, we keep home, we love so deeply for a Man who is loved by a woman has a good thing. For in Proverbs 18:22 it says ‘He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD’. Do you see that? We are GOOD! We enhance lives, we maximise, we increase favour 🙂

I listened to some very good advice once…their words to me were ‘never lower the bar’. That means ladies, when you find a good man and God forbid it doesn’t work out, never compromise or lower what your used to (baring in mind you must know your worth and value in God first). Never mould yourself into something else for someone else, for it is for the man to step up to your worth and value. He has to see how special you are, its not for you to make him see.

If you WAIT on the Lord ‘blessed who are those who wait on the Lord’…he will send you your two! Now I can be an emotional mess sometimes, I’m pretty sure we all are. I can be moody, cry for no reason…I’m sensitive, I’m a big kid and the list goes on. Now do you know who you are? 

Never make the mistake of changes these things for anybody! Because the Lord will send people in your life that can handle what you are bringing. The Lord will send you someone who loves the fact that you are emotional, can be a mess, not afraid to show your emotions, will cry at a movie or even at Don’t Tell The Bride because it’s emotional (this happened yesterday). But yet you are strong, courageous and know what you want from life. I speak from experience. Ground your roots in the Lord, the things of God for he is always working in an unseen place! He will send the person where you can be yourself, even in the process of when two become one, for you complete each other JUST the way you are.

I read somewhere that there are certain blessings a man cannot recieve without a wife, or woman for no man is an island. Some particular blessings come via a woman! Again, do you see how special you and I are? The roles we play in life are so important! Never forget your value, your worth and as you go about your day understand that you are what God says about you.

Follow The One, and he WILL lead you to your TWO 😀 xx

May God Bless You,

EML xxx

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